Globes, 4.24.14

A creditors’ arrangement for the Fore Group owners has been approved: 50% of the debts will be wiped out

Globes, 12.16.13

Fore Group: luxury apartments in Arsuf and North Tel Aviv, Jaguar and debt arrangement

Calcalist, 01.17.10

Exclusive to “Calcalist”: Elbit Systems outraged at IAI cronies’ win

Calcalist, 08.06.13

Lawsuit: the money disappeared between Gibraltar and London

Globes, 06.17.12

Caliph sues Tsvi Williger for 4 million shekel: “Did not pay for tax arrangements”

The Marker, 12.22.11

Approval of David Artzi’s candidacy for Head of the Israel Manufacturers’ Association

ynet, 09.18.07

Banks hold up monthly reparation payments from Germany

Globes, 02.21.13

Banks hold up monthly reparation payments from Germany

Globes, 10.18.09

Lawsuit against organizer of the Hi-tech Tower: received more than 12 million shekels for organizing the group

Globes, 01.16.11

Portfolio manager Ophir Kraus to compensate clients with 24 thousand shekels

Globes, 09.29.14

Request for 60 million ₪ class action against Mey Eden: “raises prices without notification”

Calcalist, 09.30.14

Request for class action against Mey Eden: raised its price illegally